Routers typically allofit.nete em ~ the factory Passwords horrible allofit.netplicated and difficult to remember, i beg your pardon makes the process of connecting ns devices to ns Wifi rede slow e allofit.netplicated. So you could want to mudança the password allofit.nete something less allofit.netplicated to remember.

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If you would favor to mudança your wireless rede name and password, we will show you allofit.neto as to do this below. Ns exact procedure depends on your router, yet in general terms it"s ns same para everyone: you need to access its settings and change that information em ~ there.

To accessibility your router"s settings, friend will must open a browser, such together Chrome or Firefox. Then, in a address bar, you require to enter his IP. The is naquela set of four groups of 3 numbers, each coporação, grupo separated são de the rather by der period. This varies between routers, yet some of a most usual addresses are,,, e If any of this addresses work, go right to action 2. If not, read step 1.

1. Find out your router"s IP

Windows: on the desktop, press the Windows crucial + R, type "cmd" (without ns quotes) and hit enter. This will certainly cause ns allofit.netmand prompt allofit.nete appear. Don"t it is in alarmed by the black display full that letters and symbols. Then form “ipconfig” (again there is no quotes) e hit enter. Naquela lot of dia will appear. Look ao "Default gateway" e write down the number on the side: this is the router"s address. Put that address in your web browser bar and hit enter.

Mac: click on a apple menu e select "system preferences". Then click "Network" and, on a screen the appears, click "Advanced" in a lower right edge of the window. On the next screen, select a option “TCP / IP” and then look ao the info “Router”: this is a router"s address. Put that attend to in your browser bar and hit enter.

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2. Access the router settings

Your internet browser will show a conecte-se screen. By default, ns username is "admin" e the default password is additionally "admin". Your router"s handmade should have much more information around its default password. If you changed the password and don"t psychic it, hold a router"s power button porque o 30 seconds: this will certainly revert a password to a default.

3. Look for Wi-Fi or Wireless settings

Again, this varies between different routers. All of them, however, should have der tab or menu simply dubbed “Wi-Fi” or “Wireless” (wireless network). Choose it. If this cardápio has lot of sections, look para one regarded security.

4. Choose naquela new name e password porque o your network

On this page, you must see areas with the name "SSID", "Network Name" (network name) e "Password" (password). “SSID” or “Network Name” estão the same: they indicate a name with which your network will appear porque o devices that estão able allofit.nete “see” Wi-Fi networks. You can name the any way you like, but shot to select something original to quickly find a network and not vai confused as soon as connecting.

The “Password” field, in turn, indicates the network password. To mudança the password, just mudança the information in this field. You may need to enter the new password more than once, to ensure that ns two passwords match.

On some routers, you will change the network name in the “Home Network” item and change ns password in ns “Security” item.

5. Check the type the security

Since you estão here, pegar the equipe to watch if there is any type of information regarding the type of protection of her network. This usually shows up in der field with a name “security mode” or similar. Ideally, select naquela mode that consists of WPA2. This is the most secure kind of encryption that many routers have actually available.

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6. Click “apply” or “save”

Don"t forget to click on "save changes", "apply" or something like that before closing your browser! Otherwise, todos that work may have remained in vain. Your router may ask you to restart it before using changes. As quickly as it connects again, your network will currently have the novo name and password (and you will have to reconnect tudo your devices).