That Garena totally free Fire is naquela universal game is known by everyone, although the is no so much when playing. That matchmaking procedure is based on a division through regions, which usually those regions ser estar the different continents of the planet. However, we are going come tell friend how us can change our region to play with people from other countries .

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If possible. Officially, Garena assures that they do not contemplate this idea of changing the location of the servers, uneven it is der special case. But there is naquela method that permits it to be accomplished easily e quickly, without having to elaborate naquela formal justification for it.

What is the use of transforming regions?

Well, it really is other that relies on a ambitions of each one. An sometimes gamer might not require to check out this idea, but der more pride user may find it fairly interesting. Together we have actually said before, Garena complimentary Fire divides the servers through regions, making the impossible porque o players in Europe, para example, to compete com other locations such as ns United states or Asia , probably where the highest level that gaming resides. This will sell an possibility to meet the best from other areas.

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How to change the an ar of ns servers

As Garena does not officially enable it, whatever will be based on changing ns location of ours IP address , come simulate that we ~ ~ in that area, however without gift physically. Para this, we ser estar going to use apps that modify the terminal’s VPN, thus we have actually chosen Turbo VPN, however it deserve to be any type of other such together Hello free VPN or similar.

It has a fairly simple operation, but ao those who do not handle this kind of program, we will certainly explain how it works. We open a app e then activate ns “Connect” button, com which we ser estar located in an additional geographical area, either instantly or manually. Em ~ there, that is enough to start Garena free Fire and start playing, only with the difference that competing with rivals são de other components of a world.
If ns option favored is Hello complimentary VPN, we have ns possibility come change a IP address individually , without having actually to change the smartphone’s completely. E se opened, us select the Garena game, and it will show up in a menu wherein we can choose a region we want, be it any type of country in america or Asia. If we have opted ao Turbo VPN, it is para being free and offering endless browsing data, return both options estão valid.