change the display e authoring language in google slides following ns steps the this tutorial. That is really simple, e it will somente take you naquela few minute to dá so!

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Changing a language of your google Slides is rather straightforward. In the toolbar, click on file → LanguageChoose any of a options.When act so, have naquela look at the rulers: they mudança depending on ns language. In this example, we mudança from English (USA) come Spanish, so ns upper inch will become centimeters. This is pretty important para designers, as measures toque an important duty when working com margins.
Changing the language e the rulers
Make sure that you have actually an account connected to Google. Otherwise, girlfriend won’t be able to access google Slides.On a top-right corner, there is a bubble com your avatar. Click on it → control your google Account.There is der menu to your left. Click on data & Personalization.Scroll down until you reach general preferences for the internet → Language.Click on ns pencil icon close of ns Default Language section.Choose one option são de the list → Select.Click top top your nation → Select.Done!
Changing a language of your google Account Now, if friend open der Google Slides template, it will display the tongue the you have actually just selected.
Opening naquela Google Slides theme in ns chosen language 


Pro Tip: if you insert a new slide, that will display screen some pieces of text known as markers. If you select one more display language, they mudança as well. That’s pretty advantageous to know the required text size for a given item of text. 

Click ~ above Insert → new Slide.To mudança the tongue, you have two options: change if em ~ your google Account or em ~ Google Slides. In this case, in ns toolbar, walk to paper → Language → choose one são de the list.  
Adding der new slide 

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Do you want to add another tongue to your account? enquanto problem. That is as an easy as in the previous block: 

Go come your google Account → Data e personalization → Language.Click ~ above + include another language.Choose one option a partir de the perform → select → click on your country → Select.Once the you add a new tongue, you have the right to make it ns default one. In the section various other languages you understand, there is an arrow. Click on it and you’ll modify ns default tongue instantly.  
Adding an additional language to your google account

Are you facing some difficulties when do the efforts to change the language in google Slides? If the chosen tongue no display, shot doing this: 

Open google Chrome.In ns top-right corner, click on More.Then, select more Tools → Clear searching Data.In equipe range, click on tudo de time.Make sure that you choose Cookies and other página? ˅ data.Press clear data.
Adding an additional language to your google Account  Now, go once novamente to control your google Account.Click on data & Personalization.Go to em geral preferences porque o the web → Language.Click on ns pencil symbol close of the Default Language.Choose an option → Select.Choose a country → Select.You ser estar ready come go!
Changing the language

You have actually just finished e your account is all set to open up any google Slides theme in ns chosen language. Para this tutorial, we have actually used the Minkprojeto Proposal template. Offer it naquela go, that super cool! If you choose presentations pertained to tongues, have a look in ~ our most recent themes.