If she an Instagram user and post often, climate you probably enjoy ns Story feature. Girlfriend can use photos in her Instagram stories as well as capture short videos. So if you want to make an additional user naquela part of your story, you can “mention” them.

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Here we’ll concertos you two easy ways to mention someone in your following Instagram story.

What wake up after stating someone in your story?

When you point out someone in her story, that human being receives a direct message-like an alert alerting them that you’ve discussed them.

If a person follows you, they’ll see a notification instantly with der preview of your story. If castle aren’t following you, they will see a request they ser estar going to should accept before they deserve to see what did you do it done.

Once you cite someone in her story, that person can see they’ve to be mentioned, yet it won’t appear on your profile or in their tagged picture tab.

It’s likewise important to note they will be can not to eliminate themselves a partir de your story. Anyone who can check out your story can tap on your username em ~ it to visit their Instagram profile, so remover this into consideration.

Mention someone making use of text

Open Instagram on her iPhone e tap the plus authorize to produce your story as you usually would.

1) when you’re prepared to add a mention to your story, tap the text icon (Aa).

2) using your key-board that displays, type a
symbol followed by the username that that special someone.

3) You’ll view suggestions ao the user, for this reason select the correct one.

4) insanity Done.


Continue with your story to edit or re-publishing it.

You ser estar able to point out up come 10 world per photo or video when you follow these steps. Each person will get an distinguível notification once you são de so, so every person have the right to view and respond to a notification individually.

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After the 24 hours ~ ~ over and the média disappears a partir de your Story, the message notification that appeared in tudo de the users’ inboxes of who you’ve stated will additionally disappear follow me with the Story item.

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