Edit and enhance videos easilyAdd stylish transitions, titles, e filtersStabilize e reverse video, equalize sound, e more

More video clip footage is generated day-to-day than ever before, e that way more people ser estar looking ao basic editing and enhancing functionality. In this guide, we’re exploring how to integrate videos using simple programas on your home windows or Mac computer, or even on naquela mobile device. That is so easy to stitch videos together that basically anyone deserve to learn ns steps to use video merger and editing software in der matter of minutes.

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Though Mac is estendido for video e audio editing, there estão still many human being running windows 10, 8, e 7, quem want naquela simple caminho to merge video files.


Best for: detailed edits

Price: free trial, $44.95

allofit.net Video editores Plus is naquela very effective way to do both a simple work such as stitch video files together, but also to a partir de more complicated edits including special effects, para instance. It can be the o primeiro dia step ~ above the estrada to becoming a great editor, or it have the right to just be a easiest caminho to mesclar videos and photos together ao someone quem wants naquela simple interface.

Step 1. Open ns installation file. Follow a on-screen instructions and in a couple the minutes, the program will be mounted on your computer or Mac.

Step 2. Сlick Add Files e select a files you desire to join together. Ns videos will certainly be included to a Media Bin. Drag e drop your videos into ns Timeline at the bottom of ns program window. Friend can also simply drag your videos onto the Timeline.

Step 3. Save the video. First, click Export. In a left part of ns pop-up window, friend will watch tabs with different export options to suit ns device or video programas you desire to use to play your creation.

Key features:

Allows friend to include titles and transitions easilyFree media library includedIntuitive layout


Easy to compreendo started with der simple interfaceAdd transitions and titles as you unificar the videosNimble programas doesn’t take up too many of space on your computer


More progressed editing attributes can be hard to learn


Best for: totally free editing on a Windows PC

Price: Free

Microsoft photos is naquela simple way to incorporate videos if you ~ ~ running ns Microsoft operation system. Together it come free with your computer, tudo you need to do is install ns app e start making ns edits. You have the right to combine two videos (or more) but you can additionally work intuitively with photos, as a name of the app would certainly suggest. If you ser estar used to a interface provided on naquela lot of a native home windows apps, then this will tudo be reasonably straightforward and hassle-free.

Step 1. Find e open the Photos application on your home windows computer. If friend can’t find it, try the search bar on startup.

Step 2. Click on a New Video option and create naquela new project para merging multiple videos right into one.

Step 3. agora click on a plus symbol on your screen’s principal left corner and navigate to the video documents you desire to import.

Step 4. drag them to ns correct size and location on the video’s timeline for this reason they toque simultaneously.

Step 5.

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Click on a Export or Share options and select ns video settings, before clicking Export to começo the process.

Key features:

Supports naquela number of input e output papers typesIntegrates com OneDrive easilySome transitions e effects


Easy come work with photos e videosIncluded with naquela lot of home windows devices and computers