One of ns great features of google is reverse search, which allows you to use images to do searches. Together this possibility apenas um existed in a browser version porque o Desktops, naquela developer created a tool that additionally embraces mobile devices. Currently, photo search can also be done using google App. See how to search by app and browser.

How to dá mobile picture search on google App

To search ao images on her Android smartphone, the easiest caminho is through the app google (attention, since it"s not Chrome, ok?):

Open the google app e click on ns "Discover" tab on the bottom menu;In ns search bar, click on the camera price - called google Lens;If this is your first time using the feature, you will need to allow the app to accessibility your camera and photo gallery;Now, you can choose in between taking naquela photo of an object e searching or choosing a photo são de your device"s photograph gallery:
Image: google / Reproduction


Select the área of ​​the picture you want to usar in the search allofit.nete see an ext specific results. Porque o example, to specifically look for the dog, i can select it ~ above the ball – which will then revolve blue. An additional option to search only naquela part of the image is allofit.nete make ns selection in the magnifying glass tool.

How to search porque o image on google through browser on smartphone

Ideal for those quem don"t have google App mounted or who don"t use Android. The path is together follows:

Touch “Upload”;Select der photo a partir de your phone"s gallery and tap “Done”;Wait ao the result e tap ~ above “Show Matches”;Ready!
Google pictures screen ao mobile search. Credit: Reproduction

You will certainly see a result the Google"s reverse search ao images on her phone screen. Ns tool works Android and iOS. It foi ~ created through Amit Agarwal, responsible para the digital Inspiration blog.

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How to dá the allofit.netputer search method

For, search for images on google through the browser on the allofit.netputer, ns path is together follows:

Click on der camera symbol (“Search through image”);You have the right to paste an image URL or upload it a partir de your PC. In this case, click on “Send one image” and then top top “Choose file”;Wait ao the shipment and that"s it.

You will check out the google search result para more images similar or equal to the 1 you used e also a web pages that contain that photo.

See how easy it is to do image find on Google? allofit.netment below what was ns simplest way to do it, even if it is it foi ~ by cell phone or allofit.netputer.

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