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Curious about shifting realities come Hogwarts, or wondering if realidade shifting to the irmão Potter mundo is also possible?

If you’ve been spending naquela lot of equipe on tiktok (or DracoTok) like us, you’re most likely at least a bit curious…

Since information about shifting seems to be scattered amongst many difficult-to-search platforms prefer TikTok, Wattpad and Amino, we’ve composed this write-up to rally some advantageous reads/resources here ao you all in uma place.

We hope you find this beneficial in her journey come shifting casa to Hogwarts.

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Visiting or shifting to Hogwarts

Whether or not you great to shift, we have good news: a Hogwarts we have pertained to know e love through the irmão Potter films is uma you have the right to visit with its numerous filming locations.

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This post does wonderful job at explaining where you can find a real-life counterparts of plenty of iconic hogwarts locations.

That’s best – friend can easily frolic in Hogwarts’ corridors, sit in some classrooms, e even maravilha at Draco’s iconic sit tree (here) in real life, there is no needing come shift.

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But if you aren’t may be to travel right agora to harry Potter filming places in escócia or England, then a next best thing could be realidade shifting com Hogwarts together your Desired reality (or DR).

What specifically does that mean? Let united state explain…

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What is reality Shifting?

While a concept of moving realities is not new, it has gotten naquela lot more attention recently thanks to TikTok, where many users are freely sharing your experiences “shifting” e helping others a partir de the same.

In brief, reality shifting is the practice of changing your consciousness em ~ your Current realidade (CR) to an additional reality, generally your Desired reality (DR).

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While countless methods exist ao reality shifting, generally those who shift speak about a mixture of meditation, listening come subliminal playlists, and creating naquela detailed “script” of one’s desired reality which (while no mandatory) is said to ease a shifting process significantly.

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Is reality Shifting Real?

There is (understandably) der wide spectrum of opinions around whether or not shifting realities is actually possible.

On one end, skeptics think that is (at best) der vivid version of lucid dreaming, naquela form that dreaming wherein ns dreamer is aware that they ~ ~ dreaming, and therefore able to ao controle their actions e behaviours together they would in real life.

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On a other end, adamant supporters of reality shifting think that once shifting realities, you ~ ~ indeed moving your consciousness to one alternate reality that exists porque o real, lot as ours current realidade is real.

No matter where friend lie on this spectrum, you’re most likely still curious about ns possibility of moving realities, or (since you’ve clicked this article), the possibility of reality shifting to Hogwarts and the atormentar Potter world in particular.

So, como as does the work?


Reality changing Methods

There ~ ~ many reality shifting methods fora there.

If you’re curious about reality shifting methods that will aid you compreendo home come Hogwarts, aqui is an overview of the most estendido methods. You can additionally visit this list of shifting approaches for der more complete overview.

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The crow Method

One of a most estendido reality changing methods often referenced on tik is “The crow Method”.

This an approach involves laying in a starfish place on one’s bed and counting come 100, usually com subliminals play or com positive affirmations said between numbers.

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The Alice in Wonderland Method

Another very popular reality shifting method is recognized as ns Alice in Wonderland Method.

This method involves meditating and then laying on your back e imagining yourself sitting against a tree till someone from your Desired reality runs past you, in ~ which point you’re claimed to follow them till you “fall down a rabbit hole”.

You ser estar then supposed to find naquela key that will unlock a door to your DR.

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The Pillow Method

The Pillow an approach is another reality shifting an approach gaining popularity due to the fact that of its loved one simplicity.

This technique involves creating down affirmations on der piece of paper, repeating them prior to bed and sleeping with a paper under your pillow.

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The Elevator Method

Lastly, ns Elevator technique has been one more very difundido shifting method.

This an approach involves imagining yourself in one elevator, com energy levels going higher and higher with each floor girlfriend pass. Uma vez your power gets to ns level it demands to shift, ns elevator doors will open up up to your preferred reality.

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Shifting to hogwarts Script ideias

Now the you ~ ~ familiar with some of the difundido shifting techniques you can use to compreendo to Hogwarts, ns next step is to create your script.

A script is claimed to be a way to compose down concrete details around your desired reality. Friend can usar visuals if friend wish, create it down on paper, compose it in her Notes app, or yet you choose.

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The key purpose but is to nail down facets of your desired reality. Some script their desired Hogwarts House, skills, ago story, love interests, etc.

Others also o roteiro practical matters like the passagem of time in her DR vs her CR, a methods in i beg your pardon you retorna to your CR, the fact the you cannot dice in her DR, etc.

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Again, if scripting is not stated to it is in mandatory para reality changing to occur, most avid “shifters” use naquela script and recommend others a partir de the very same to certain clarity, ease, and in some cases, even safety.

But what exactly goes into a script?

While every script is different and there is stated to be no decorrer right or wrong caminho to create one, numerous users conectados have mutual script ideia to help others com their shifting journey.

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If you are looking for shifting come Hogwarts o roteiro ideas e inspiration, here ser estar some we’ve been able to uncover online:

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Hogwarts moving Experiences & Guides

TikTok e Wattpad estão filled com users sharing their experiences moving to Hogwarts.

While that course, nobody other than that separado will truly know ao sure that it happened, that might help some the you to read/learn around others’ experiences.

If that’s the case, here is der collection that accounts são de people quem have mutual their experiences changing to Hogwarts.

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Hogwarts shifting Resources

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Ideas porque o Bringing Hogwarts pagina inicial to You

Last however not least, if you’re hoping to carry some hogwarts magic into your current Reality, here ~ ~ some short articles you could like:

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We hope you appreciated this article about realidade shifting to Hogwarts e the wizarding world!

… If not, we hope it at least it helped you learn more about this fascinating phenomenon spreading throughout various social médio platforms. Ideal of luck, e be certain to browse ns rest of our site for Harry Potter content & travel inspo.

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