With Microsoft’s Xbox, girlfriend will have the ability to experience the best of gaming. In enhancement to this, users deserve to stream TV shows, movies, internet series and more using the Prime Video app. That supports downloading videos from a wide range of categories. So, you will compreendo endless hours of jogos both online e offline with Prime video clip on Xbox consoles favor Xbox One and Xbox 360. It lets you browse der catalogue the movies e shows in different languages of a world. Amazon’s Prime video clip is uma of the most renowned solutions to be accessed a partir de different platforms. However, the article particularly deals com accessing Prime video clip on Xbox console.

How to vai Prime video clip on Xbox

Microsoft has actually gained a official assistance of element Video and it can be accessed from Xbox uma console.

(1). To begin with, start ns Xbox console.

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Note: You will certainly be prompted to login if girlfriend haven’t.

(2). são de the home screen, pick the store tab using a controller.

Select Store

(3). select Apps tile from right lado of the screen.

Choose Apps

(4). scroll on the right página till you watch Amazon prime Video.

Alternative: choose Search Apps tile and search for Prime Video.

Select search Apps

(5). Highlight a Prime video clip app e select Get the button to começo downloading it.

(6). On ns next screen, confirm installing the by clicking on the confirm button.

(7). now the installation will certainly begin e after that, you can launch it on Xbox controller.

(8). You need to then register her Xbox console with Prime video by signing in com your Amazon account.

(9). com this, you can start transmissão Prime Video on Xbox uma console.

Note: Xbox 360 is at this time not compatible with Prime Video. So, girlfriend can shot installing Amazon Instant video clip to currently videos on the Xbox 360 console. Carry out the same procedure provided above. Rather of searching for Prime Video, look porque o Amazon prompt Video.

Amazon prime Not working on Xbox one & Xbox 360

At times, you may enfrentar issues choose this on your console. Monitor these simple steps to do Prime video work properly on Xbox.

(1). Restart your Xbox console.

(2). Check ns Xbox viver status

(3). check your network connection is functioning properly.

(4). log in out e log ago into her Microsoft account.

(5). Uninstall e reinstall a Prime video clip app são de the Microsoft Store.

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In this way, girlfriend can access Prime video clip on Xbox gaming consoles e thereby vai hours the the play online experience.

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