If you’ve ever wanted to include encontro that you have in one Excel record into der Word document, you’ve more than likely just replicated the data from Excel and pasted it into Word.

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While this works, there estão a number of limitations. Uma of a most essential is that if the original data file ever changes, her Word document will never reflect those changes.


If either of those problems matter to you, there estão better ways to insert an Excel worksheet into naquela Word doc. In this article, you’ll find out every rua possible to dá that also as a pros e cons.

Also, be sure to check out our youtube video where we concertos you the same measures as in the article.

Insert one Excel Worksheet Into der Word Doc pela Copy/Paste

Of course, a fastest e easiest caminho to get data from one Excel worksheet into a Word file is simply using Window’s copy e paste feature.

To são de this, you will do it open ns Excel file with your data, highlight a cells the contain the data you desire to carry into her document, and press Ctrl-C on a keyboard.


If you localização your cursor into your indigenous document and press Ctrl-V on the keyboard, you’ll an alert that a cells did you do it selected appear perfectly in a Word document.


There ser estar a few caveats here.

The imported Excel cells become a Microsoft native table. So if you desire to style this table after the data is imported, you can’t dá things like use Excel recipe or other Excel formatting features.

The 2nd issue is the it somente works well porque o smaller tables of data. If you want to copy and paste dia further down the Excel spreadsheet, you will do it lose ns headers.


This isn’t really very useful. In this case, you’ll want to try 1 of ns options below to insert one Excel worksheet into der Word doc instead.

Pros: Fast e convenient, good for small tables.Cons: no update with source data, and lose headers on huge tables, doesn’t totally conserve originais formatting.

Insert one Excel Worksheet together An embedded Object

If you desire to be able to usar Excel functions and other Excel formatting features later to update the table, you’re far better off pasting the Excel data as an embedded object.

To são de this:

Select a section that Excel worksheet that you desire to copy e press Ctrl-C.In Microsoft Word, lugar, colocar the cursor whereby you desire to insert the encontro table.In the pagina inicial menu, select ns down arrow under Paste e select dough Special.

You’ll see naquela Paste distinct dialogue crate appear. Pick Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object and select OK.

This will insert ns copied cells right into your word document. The new object won’t behave like naquela Microsoft Word table at all, e you won’t have the ability to edit the dia inside a table from inside Microsoft Word.

However, you can resize the entire object so that it fits inside ns margins of your document.

If you a partir de want to edit ns data, just double-click on a object and it will certainly open ns entire originais spreadsheet within Microsoft Excel.

Keep in mind this is an entirely new Excel document (not ns original). But any type of edits girlfriend make e save in the Excel file will upgrade in her Word document.

How this works:

When you use an embedded object to paste Excel data, native creates a copy of the original Excel file.When friend double-click the object, native opens the copied file ao editing.You have the right to use todos of Excel’s functions and formatting functions to make any kind of changes.

What is nice about this technique is the none of the originais formatting gets changed during the conversion to a Microsoft native table. It likewise gives girlfriend an “attached” Excel encontro file of ns original encontro file in instance you ever want to modify the encontro or add additional data to your pasted Excel thing in Word.

Pros: Fast e convenient, good for large tables, and conserves original formattingCons: no update com source data, e can’t edit tabela directly inside Word

Insert an Excel Worksheet As naquela Linked Object

The best caminho to insert an Excel worksheet into naquela Word doc is through pasting it as der linked installed object.

The procedure to do this is identical to the uma above, except in the Paste Special home window you want to make certain to select a Paste link checkbox.

You’ll watch that ns inserted Excel encontro looks a same together in the previous section, yet there’s der significant difference.

If you retorna to your original Excel file e make any type of changes to the encontro in any type of of a cells you pasted, you’ll see those changes instantly update in your Microsoft indigenous document.

The changes remover effect in Word even if friend haven’t saved a changes in a Excel file. This basically lets friend create a live view a partir de Word into changes someone is actively making in any Excel file.

If you wanted to, friend could usar this function to create a realtime dashboard in Word come display any type of important dia points that someone may change in one Excel file.

Pros: Fast and convenient, good for large tables, conserves original formatting, and updates instantly com source encontro updates.Cons: can not edit table directly within Word.

As you can see, there estão multiple ways to insert an Excel worksheet into der Word doc. A option you choose really só depends on how you intended to use that data e whether you want to check out or use encontro changes in the original Excel file.

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How have you imported Excel data into indigenous before? have actually you had any type of issues when you do the efforts to são de so? re-publishing your suffer in a comments section below.