Trainer Puts Lipstick On Beluga Whale To Make It Prettier

A marine park coach was seen placing lipstick on a beluga whale to make it prettier for the park’s guests. People, nevertheless, reacted negatively and condemned the park for the act.  
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A video reveals a park coach placing lipstick on a beluga whale to make it prettier for guests. She kisses and rides the animal, too.

The incident occurred on the Sun Asia Ocean World marine park positioned in Dalian metropolis in north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province.

The park has since taken the video down from its web site and apologized to the individuals who had been condemning the act. The park assured that its employees would endure animal safety coaching to extend their consciousness on correct dealing with of animals. Nevertheless, PETA Asia issued a press release crucial of the park’s practices.

Making The Beluga Whale Prettier

In the video, the coach is telling the beluga whale that it’s getting “prettier and prettier” whereas she repeatedly applies the lipstick on the beluga whale. The lady is even seen laughing as she daubs the lipstick on the whale’s mouth.

Beluga whales are already categorised as endangered species. They are largely discovered within the Arctic and sub-Arctic areas however the Chinese marine park has 4 beluga whales in its preserving.

Reports said these 4 beluga whales had been nicely taken care of and stay wholesome. The park, nevertheless, didn’t escape the criticism from PETA Asia.

PETA Asia Releases Statement

PETA Asia stated the incident confirmed that Sun Asia Ocean World shouldn’t be well-informed about how whales in captivity must be dealt with. The group encourages the park to as a substitute ship the whales to sanctuaries which are extra fitted to take care of them.

The group highlighted that marine mammals are in reality struggling when park guests contact them and trainers trip on them. Being in captivity already places the animals in distress. In this case, the potential dangerous lipstick components added to the beluga’s agony.

PETA Asia additionally put the highlight on the truth that whereas guests had been delighted seeing the animals in marine parks they usually went house with nice recollections, the expertise is the other for the animals.

Most captive whales die earlier than their counterparts who’re dwelling of their pure habitat. Beluga whales also navigate the oceans utilizing their sonar waves, a functionality disadvantaged from them whereas contained in the aquarium, the place they’re compelled to swim in limitless circles.

PETA Asia famous that lipstick could include components dangerous to animals. The assertion additionally talked about how rats, mice, and rabbits are getting used throughout trials of cosmetics merchandise.

“Don’t forget that there’s no reason why anyone should put lipstick on a beluga whale-or any other animal for that matter,” the assertion reads.

Toxic Metals In Lipstick

In 2013, a research carried out by researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health discovered that 32 lipstick manufacturers and lip glosses contained traces of dangerous steel compositions. The manufacturers, generally purchased in drug shops and malls, had been discovered to include lead, cadmium, chromium, and aluminum. Some of the manufacturers even contained chemical ranges that would already trigger well being considerations.

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