This 3D Printed Syringe Static Mixer Does It All

One trick for getting the bubbles out of freshly combined 2-part epoxy, aka degassing, is to go over it gently with the flame from a propane torch. But each the blending and degassing take time. [Gianteye] got here up with a 3D printed dual-syringe static mixing system which hurries up the method.

Mixing tube interior
Mixing tube inside

If you’ve purchased these 2-part epoxy syringes available in shops earlier than then you definately’ll know that they often include two syringes, every crammed with one of many two components to be combined. Depressing the syringes causes every half to return out of its personal tube. It’s then your job to combine them collectively and degas the end result.

[Gianteye’s] system consists of 3D printed components and two syringes.  Models for the 3D printing can be found on his Thingiverse page and the syringes may be discovered on-line. Some of the 3D printed components assist you first fill and degas the syringes. You then connect a 3D printed mixing tube to the ends of the syringes. This tube serves two functions. When the syringe’s plungers are depressed, each components of the fabric are compelled by the tube and extruded out. But on their manner by, each components go by eight helices which kind 180° turns and blend the components collectively. Out comes the portioned, combined and degassed materials which might go straight right into a mildew or to wherever you want it.

The mixing tube was designed for one-time use however [Gianteye] found throughout an analysis that it may be reused if you happen to pull out any cured materials and purge it. The analysis concerned silicone although. With hardened epoxy, you’ll in all probability have to make use of a brand new tube every time.

Check out the total particulars of his system within the video under, together with each meeting and utilization.

If you’re searching for a metallic search for one thing with out desirous to solid steel than take a look at our personal [Gerrit Coetzee’s] article about cold casting whereby he makes some very good wanting components.

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