These 6 Pixar Fan Theories Will BLOW YOUR MIND

With The Incredibles 2 about to hit screens, we’re looking at a few of the greatest Pixar fan theories from across the Internet. Some that persuade, others that require a pinch of salt, and a pair which will effectively make you cry.

1. Emily From ‘Toy Story 2’ is Andy’s Mother

Andy carrying Jessie’s hat in Toy Story.

This is a reasonably well-known fan concept, and one which makes good sense thematically. In Toy Story 2, Jessie is owned by somewhat woman referred to as Emily, who loves the cowgirl with all her coronary heart. But Emily grows up, strikes on, and is quickly performed with Jessie, dropping the toy in a charity field. But her personal human Jessie hat is nowhere to be seen. In the unique Toy Story, when Andy is enjoying with Woody early in proceedings, he’s carrying a hat. But it isn’t a Woody cowboy hat,  relatively it’s a Jessie cowgirl hat. Could Jessie’s former proprietor be Andy’s mom Ms. Davis? We by no means study Emily’s final identify, nor Ms. Davis’s first identify. And if she was a child within the 1960s — as Emily’s flower-power bed room suggests — she’d be the appropriate age for Toy Story in 1995. Above all, it makes narrative sense, with Andy experiencing the identical feelings as his mom in the case of the Roundup Gang.

2. Carl Dies on the Start of ‘Up’

If the speculation is true we possibly do not get this ending, and I am not prepared to just accept that.

The first few scenes in Up are beautiful, lovely, and in the end fairly heartbreaking. What they don’t want is a fan concept that makes them even sadder. Unfortunately, this one is a dagger to the guts, positing that Carl dies earlier than he might be taken to Shady Oaks, with the remainder of the movie documenting his journey into the afterlife and again to his love Ellie. The proof is that the story of their romance — from childhood into maturity and outdated age — is fairly simple initially of the movie. But after Carl’s “death” we’re firmly within the realm of fantasy, with flying homes, speaking canines, and the legendary ‘Snipe.’ It’s a good speculation, however one which’s a bit too melancholy to ponder.

three. ‘Toy Story’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ Are the Same

A Zombie Story.

A Redditor called JimmyLegs50 made this declare through an extensive picture gallery, and it’s truly fairly convincing. Jimmy — actual identify John Ray — made the invention when recognizing that Toy Story‘s Lots-O-Huggin Bear and The Walking Dead‘s Governor are interchangeable characters, welcoming strangers with open arms, however with disagreeable ulterior motives. There are similarities between the Woody-Buzz-Andy triangle and Rick-Carl-Shane. Stinky Pete is just about Hershel. And if that weren’t sufficient, disfigured toys/people come to life and assault the dwelling in each tales. Making them just about the identical. Case closed.

four. Boo is the Witch From ‘Brave’

Sulley front-and-centre.

Boo is the cute little woman in Monsters, Inc., taught by her monstrous good friend Sulley to traverse dimensions utilizing doorways. This concept claims she grows as much as be the witch in Brave, who, like Boo, makes use of doorways to vanish. Said concept states that Boo/Witch makes use of these doorways to journey again to 10th Century Scotland. There’s proof to assist this, with a wooden carving of Sulley showing within the Witch’s workshop. And a carving of the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story suggesting that she has travelled backwards and forwards in time. Though why the candy Boo changed into the relatively much less candy crone is anybody’s guess.

5. Nemo Was Never Born

Nemo = Dead.

If Carl doubtlessly being lifeless wasn’t unhealthy sufficient, this concept claims that the assault on Marlin’s spouse and eggs initially of Finding Nemo killed all of them. Including Nemo. The remainder of the movie being Marlin navigating the 5 phases of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, despair and acceptance. Which (kinda) sounds (a bit) like the way in which Finding Nemo performs out (if we’re stretching it). Also ‘Nemo’ is the Latin phrase for… no person.

6. The Pixar Shared Universe

This is the large one. A concept that claims all of the movies are interconnected. It’s mapped out within the above video, however for a potted model, the story kicks off in 65 Million Years BC, when a meteor hits and Pixar’s timeline splits from our personal. So we get dinosaurs interacting with people in prehistoric occasions. Animals studying to speak and inanimate objects coming to reside in 10th Century Scotland. The Buy n Large company rising to energy, polluting, and really practically destroying the planet. A.I. fuelling itself with human vitality. Man leaving the planet. Cars taking up and endeavouring to recreate the human expertise earlier than being worn out. Insects, animals and monsters rising up, the latter studying to time journey. Which brings us to Boo and the Witch, a personality that connects all of the tales. It’s sophisticated, convoluted, and doesn’t actually make sense. But the theory is a fun one that’s fully explored here.

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