The RetroBeat: Switch’s Super Smash Bros. wants some StarTropics

We’re going to see Super Smash Bros. for the Switch at E3 subsequent month, the place it would probably be Nintendo’s largest sport of the present. I really like Smash Bros., and it’s my go-to sport after I need to play one thing with my buddies. But I additionally adore it as a result of I’ve had a fascination with crossovers ever since I noticed The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones as a child.

Even in its third decade, it’s pleasant to see characters from totally different collection, resembling Mario and Samus, beat one another up. But ever since Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameDice launched Mr. Game and Watch and the Ice Climbers, the collection has additionally accomplished an amazing job of introducing stunning retro characters from the Nintendo Entertainment System and even earlier.

Since then, Smash Bros. has added R.O.B. the robotic from the NES days, Little Mac from Punch-Out!!, and the canine from Duck Hunt. So, what’s left? At this level, including a enjoyable retro character is a convention for the collection. I’d prefer to nominate Mike from StarTropics, the underappreciated NES action-adventure sport from 1990.

Above: StarTropics’ field artwork.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Not solely does Mike have probably the most enticing first title ever, however his sport is among the NES’s finest. StarTropics is like The Legend of Zelda however set in a extra Polynesian world. It options palm timber, dolphins, submarines, and dungeons. So, you already know, every thing you want for sport.

Even although StarTropics is a first-party Nintendo title for the NES, it doesn’t get the identical sort of love from the corporate as its different video games from that period. That’s largely as a result of StarTropics by no means got here out in Japan, Nintendo’s residence nation. Oddly, Nintendo determined it needed to make a sport particularly for Western audiences.

You’ve most likely heard of numerous video games from Japan that by no means got here to the U.S. NES, like Mother. This is the odd reversal, and I nonetheless don’t actually perceive why. Why did Nintendo suppose that Japan wouldn’t take pleasure in StarTropics? If you play it, apart from having the hero named Mike, it doesn’t strike you as an particularly “Western” sport. Why did they lower it off from Japan and any gross sales that would have come from there?

But Nintendo did. It did the identical for StarTropics sequel, Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II, which got here out in 1994 as one of many NES’s final main releases. That was the final StarTropics sport, and the collection is never included in Nintendo crossover initiatives like Super Smash Bros. (though a minimum of Nintendo included the primary StarTropics within the NES Classic Edition’s library).

Well, no extra, I say! Let’s add Mike to Super Smash Bros. for the Switch! It’s time to offer StarTropics its due.

There are arguments towards this concept. First off, Japan audiences would have little curiosity within the character. Well, I keep in mind when Marth and Roy had been in Super Smash Bros. Melee earlier than a Fire Emblem sport ever got here out in our nation. Turnabout is truthful play.

There’s additionally the issue of Mike’s potential moveset. In StarTropics, he largely makes use of gadgets like baseball bats and Yo-Yos for his assaults. That already sounds lots like Ness from Earthbound, who has been within the collection since its debut. But Nintendo did handle to offer an fascinating moveset to the freaking Wii Fit Trainer, so I’m certain Nintendo can consider one thing inventive for Mike moreover simply turning him right into a Ness clone.

So give us Mike in Super Smash Bros.! And whilst you’re at it, can we’ve got a brand new StarTropics for the Switch? Maybe one thing like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild however with, you already know, islands and dolphins? Thanks.

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