The esports enviornment at E3 2018 places cellular gaming center-stage

“All of these titles have now fast and growing followings,” she stated. “More women playing, people of all ages playing. So I think what we’re seeing is that people will take it seriously not only because of buying power but because it’s going to expand the audience.”

Every esports title attracts a singular viewers, however usually, professional-gaming followers are predominantly male (as are gamers, coaches and shoutcasters), and so they’re principally between the ages of 16 and 24, Martinez-Rea stated.

“It is the entertainment of choice, really, for that generation,” she stated. “So they are really driving the next generation of how we all consume content.”

And that coming era will probably embody extra girls — gamers which are younger women as we speak.

“I’ve a daughter who already has an iPad; she’s taking part in Fortnite on it and she or he’s taking part in different non-esports video games,” Martinez-Rea stated. “It’s allowing her access to something that traditionally you’d have to have a very expensive console or PC to play. She can get onto it. And I think that’s actually what will change women in esports — it’s not so much women today, but the little girls who will have models of, this is OK for them, they can play the same games that their brothers or their dads play.”

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