Stecchino Game is all about Balancing a Big Toothpick

Stecchino demo by the creator

Self-described “Inventor Dad” [pepelepoisson]’s mission known as Stecchino (English translation hyperlink here) and it’s an Arduino-based bodily balancing sport that goals to be intuitive to make use of and play for all ages. Using the Stecchino (‘toothpick’ in Italian) consists of balancing the machine in your hand and attempting to maintain it upright for so long as doable. The LED strip fills up as time passes, and it retains data of excessive scores. It was particularly designed to be immediately understood and easy to make use of by individuals of all ages, and we expect it has succeeded on this brilliantly.

To sense orientation and motion, Stecchino makes use of an MPU-6050 gyro and accelerometer board. An RGB LED strip provides suggestions, and it features a small li-po cell and charger board for straightforward recharging by way of USB. The enclosure is created from just a few layers of laser-cut and laser-engraved materials that additionally holds the elements in place. The WS2828B LED strip used is technically a 5 V unit, however [pepelepoisson] discovered that feeding them direct from the three.7 V cell works simply effective; it’s not till the cell drops to about three volts that issues begin to glitch out. All supply code and design information are on GitHub.

Games are nice, and the fantastic choices out there to individuals right now enable for all types of fascinating experimentation like a blind version of tag, or placing new twists on previous classics like testing speed instead of strength.

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