Rosemary's Baby and the period of Satanic panic

Inspired by the 50th anniversary this month of the discharge of Rosemary’s Baby, my pal Peg Kay Aloi has written a chunk on Crooked Marque on how the long-lasting occult horror movie helped set the stage for the Satanic panic that was to observe.

And therein lies an uncommon irony: The clear message of Rosemary’s Baby was that the devil-worshiping witches stay proper subsequent door, on the opposite aspect of the wall of your charming flat on Central Park West. They’re like household: They act as surrogate dad and mom by supplying you with wholesome natural drinks and silver pendants to guard you, however they’re really planning to consecrate your child to the satan. Even your physician is in on it; heck, your individual husband signed his firstborn over to Beelzebub so he might get a juicy half on Broadway! You attempt to persuade individuals of the plot you’ve uncovered, however they only cluck their tongues (poor factor, you’re simply exhausted) and tranquilize you. Even while you’re confirmed proper, that they had been there all alongside, the witches subsequent door who contrived to make you give start to Satan’s spawn, nobody helps you.

Despite overwhelming proof that almost all acts of violence in opposition to youngsters are perpetrated by members of the family, the tendency is to look past the house, to suspect a shadowy outsider, somebody with a style for heavy metallic music and black T-shirts, or a penchant for goddess worship and tarot playing cards. Rosemary’s Baby masterfully other-ized the evil that lies inside (and with out), making us cover our kids away from any and all potential risks, together with public colleges, the web, the outside. It appears clear: Another wave of panic looms on the horizon.

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