Rescuing Okay-9

Fans of the long-running and ever-fantastic British TV present Dr. Who will little doubt maintain a gentle spot of their hearts for the Doctor’s little robotic companion. No, not considered one of his many human sidekicks, we’re speaking about Okay-9, the angular dog-like android that burst onto British screens again in 1977.

There have been numerous unique [K-9] props made by the BBC, and these have been finally bought by the company. One discovered its strategy to Abertay University, and it was there that [Gary Taylor], a pc science scholar discovered it. Sadly the years had not been sort to the robotic mutt, particularly water from a roof leak had broken its internals past restore. With little greater than the fibreglass shell to work with, he got down to rebuild Okay-9 and make the task the subject of his dissertation.

The unique robo-dog was little greater than a 1970s remote-controlled automotive, however its upgrades convey it firmly into the 21st century. At its coronary heart is the inevitable Raspberry Pi three, coupled with an Arduino mega 2560 that handles motor management and interfacing to an array of ultrasonic sensors. The Pi’s Bluetooth radio talks to an app on an Android cellphone, that serves because the Okay-9’s controller. All of which makes for a formidable improve, however we hope has disturbed as little of the unique prop work as potential

Not everyone seems to be fortunate sufficient to search out an unique Okay-9, however for these destined for traditional BBC prop disappointment there’s at all times the chance that you could build your own.

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