Mars Opposition Brings Spectacular Views of Red Planet

Mars Opposition. Photo: NASA

This month, stargazers will get an up-close view of the planet Mars.

Like all planets, the Earth and Mars orbit the solar however they do it at totally different speeds. Earth orbits about twice as quick as Mars, so each two years or so, they catch up to one another.

The Mars Opposition is occurring this month and means Mars and the solar are on reverse sides of the Earth, giving an up-close view of the crimson planet.

Seminole State College Planetarium Director Derek Demeter mentioned that is the closest the planet has come to Earth in additional than 15 years, making it seem bigger than typical and giving an exceptionally detailed view.

“It’s big enough to where you actually see surface features on the planet,” mentioned Demeter, “including the polar caps, some of the larger basins on Mars. It gives you a sense you’re actually looking at a planet instead of a tiny red dot.”

Demeter says Mars will rise out of the south-eastern night time sky round 10 o’clock. The finest time to view Mars is towards the top of the month.

At the top of July, the Central Florida Astronomical Society will host free telescope viewing occasions.

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