Location Sharing with Google Home

With Google’s near-monopoly on the web, it may be tough to get round in our on-line world with out encountering at the very least some facet of this monolithic, data-gathering large. It often takes a concerted effort, however it’s technically attainable to do. While [Mat] continues to be utilizing some Google merchandise, he has at the very least discovered a method to get Google Home to work with location data without actually sharing that data with Google, which is a step in the correct route.

[Mat]’s objective was to make use of Google’s location sharing options by means of Google Home, however with out the creepiness issue of Google figuring out every thing about his life, and likewise with out the effort of getting to make use of Google Maps. He’s utilizing just a few issues to tug this off, together with a NodeRED server working on a Raspberry Pi Zero, a free account from If This Then That (IFTTT), Tasker with AutoRemote plugin, and the Google Maps API key. With all of that put collectively, and a few configuration of IFTTT he can ask his Google assistant (or Google Home) for location information, all with out sharing that information with Google.

This mission is a superb implementation of Google’s instruments and a strong use of IFTTT. And, as a bonus, it will get round some of the creepiness issue that Google tends to include of their quest to know all the information.

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