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Sir Isaac Newton`s achievements within the various fields of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics, had irrevocably assured his place in historical past as a genius. Or so one would have thought.

Not in line with a survey undertaken by the not so crimson brick, University of Bedfordshire. Professor Ramsbottom has revealed that three out of 5 folks have truly queried the work of the well-known English Scientist and his declare to fame.

“If he was so ahead of his time, then why didn`t he invent the internet?” one contributor requested.

“It`s a moot point. But an interesting one,” defined the Professor. “At first, we thought, to be fair, there was no electricity. But then, my star student suggested that he could have invented that as well… if he had the nous. It was a pin drop moment. Brilliant.”

Another interviewee questioned the validity of the good man supposedly discovering gravity. “Pretty sure the Dinosaurs got on to that first when the asteroids started banging the earth. I mean, that sounds more feasible than an apple falling from a tree,” claimed an nameless middle-aged man.

Cambridge University, the place Newton as soon as held the esteemed submit as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, has dismissed the amateurish and outlandish findings. Accusing the University of Bedfordshire of Luddite Science, they’ve requested particulars of the place and the way the survey was carried out.

Professor Ramsbottom has since conceded the restrictions of his analysis. “Maybe Millwall is not a representative cross section of the U.K.”, he mentioned, “We`re in Newcastle next week though.”



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