How mind imaging is getting a lift from online game engines

Unity 3D game-engine lies on the coronary heart of Glass Brain, information visualization of real-time mind perform.

It’s a challenge by UCSF’s Neuroscape Lab:

Neuroscape’s distinctive multidisciplinary strategy includes the event of custom-designed, closed-loop methods that combine latest technological advances in software program (e.g., 3D online game engines, multimodal recording and mind pc interface algorithms) with the newest improvements in (e.g., digital actuality, movement seize, GPU computing, wearable physiological recordings, and transcranial mind stimulation).

Building efficient closed-loop applied sciences necessitates collaborative growth groups of skilled designers, programmers, multimedia engineers, UI specialists, and artist/musicians, working carefully with our Core scientists to generate participating interactive experiences full with adaptivity, rewards, artwork, music, and story.

Glass Brain (UCSF / Neuroscape)

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