Mark Zuckerberg and his empire of oily rags

Mark Zuckerberg and his empire of oily rags

Surveillance capitalism sucks: it improves the scattershot, low-performance success-rate of untargeted promoting (properly under 1 %) and doubles or triples it (to properly under 1 %!). But surveillance captialism remains to be harmful: all these dossiers on the non-public lives of entire populations can be utilized for blackmail, identification theft and political manipulation. […]

Ad brokers are selling the fact that you visited an emergency room to ambulance-chasing lawyers

Ad brokers are promoting the truth that you visited an emergency room to ambulance-chasing attorneys

Philadelphia’s WHYY radio experiences that guests to town’s hospital emergency room are blitzed for weeks with advertisements for private harm attorneys, because of “geofenced ad” brokerages. These brokers purchase location knowledge from firms that harvest it through location-tracking apps (just like the infamous flashlight app that additionally constantly logged your location); these apps […]

GDPR: Don't forget to bring a towel!

GDPR: Don't neglect to convey a towel!

May 25 is Towel Day, when followers of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy jokingly adorn a towel and reward the family merchandise as if it prepares the proprietor for any sticky state of affairs. Author Douglas Adams was a grasp of those tongue-in-cheek references to our trendy existence, serving to the reader (and listener) […]

Ticketmaster finds a new way to be terrible: facial recognition!

Ticketmaster finds a brand new strategy to be horrible: facial recognition!

Comcast could also be the most hated company in America, however Ticketmaster has certain given it a run for its cash, by means of a mixture of monopolism, rent-seeking, shady coping with scalpers and complete indifference to its clients and the entertainers it nominally serves, however as dangerous as it’s, there’s nonetheless loads of […]

Facebook warns investors to expect bigger and worse scandals than Cambridge Analytica

Facebook warns buyers to anticipate greater and worse scandals than Cambridge Analytica

The Cambridge Analytica affair wiped billions off of Facebook’s valuation and prompted thousands and thousands of customers to #DeleteFacebook, however inevitably, the corporate bounced again, reporting excessive earnings in its quarterly investor disclosures. If Cambridge Analytica was made up of supervillain supergeniuses who have been uniquely able to find flaws in Facebook’s safety […]

Palantir has figured out how to make money by using algorithms to ascribe guilt to people, now they're looking for new customers

Palantir has discovered the best way to generate profits by utilizing algorithms to ascribe guilt to folks, now they're on the lookout for new clients

In 2009, JP Morgan Chase’s “special ops” man was an ex-Secret Service agent known as Peter Cavicchia III, and he retained Palantir to spy on everybody within the firm to seek out “insider threats”; even getting the financial institution to put money into Palantir. Cavicchia ran his personal little safety state inside Morgan […]

When your dental insurer sends you a "free" Internet of Shit toothbrush

When your dental insurer sends you a "free" Internet of Shit toothbrush

Wolf Richter’s dental insurer despatched his household a free “smart” toothbrush that information how typically and the way properly you sweep, utilizing a set of proprietary consumables to wash your tooth. Richter found that not solely did his toothbrush rat on him, his insurer was paying consideration: when he didn’t unbox and begin […]

Facebook is unfixable. We need a nonprofit, public-spirited replacement.

Facebook is unfixable. We want a nonprofit, public-spirited substitute.

The corruption and surveillance tradition of Facebook is baked in deep and may by no means be eliminated; in case you doubt it, simply peruse a sampling of their patent filings, that are like Black Mirror fanfic written by attorneys. Tim Wu (previously) factors out that websites on the size of Facebook — […]