Mark Zuckerberg and his empire of oily rags

Mark Zuckerberg and his empire of oily rags

Surveillance capitalism sucks: it improves the scattershot, low-performance success-rate of untargeted promoting (properly under 1 %) and doubles or triples it (to properly under 1 %!). But surveillance captialism remains to be harmful: all these dossiers on the non-public lives of entire populations can be utilized for blackmail, identification theft and political manipulation. […]

The internet, 2008-2018: what's changed?

The web, 2008-2018: what's modified?

In 2008, Telstra Chief Scientist Geoff Huston wrote an informative and vital retrospective on the shifts in internet technology since 1998; now, ten years later, he’s written another one, tracing the exceptional shifts (and weirdly unbudgeable technological icebergs) previously decade’s price of web modifications, advances and retreats. (more…) Source link

Uganda enacts unenforceable, ridiculous anti-"gossip" internet tax

Uganda enacts unenforceable, ridiculous anti-"gossip" web tax

At the urging of Uganda’s corrupt dictator Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan parliament has enacted laws imposing a each day tax on anybody utilizing social media platforms; Museveni stated the measure would curb “gossip,” whereas Matia Kasaija claimed it might fund safety and electrification efforts. The nation has no plan for implementing the tax, […]

Court rules that Trump can't block people on Twitter

Court guidelines that Trump can't block folks on Twitter

A New York federal choose has dominated that Donald Trump cannot block folks he would not like on Twitter, as a result of he makes use of Twitter to speak his edicts and insurance policies as President of the United States, and the US authorities cannot exclude communications based mostly on viewpoint, as this […]

Amazon orders Signal to stop using AWS to defeat censorship

Amazon orders Signal to cease utilizing AWS to defeat censorship

Repressive autocracies like Egypt, Oman, and the UAE ban Signal and different encrypted messaging apps, utilizing nationwide firewalls to attempt to block their visitors; Signal evades these blocks by utilizing “domain fronting,” through which the service’s cloud supplier reveals up because the origin of its visitors, forcing nations to dam Google or Amazon to […]

The predictable dystopian trajectory of China's Citizen Scores

The predictable dystopian trajectory of China's Citizen Scores

China’s Citizen Score system combines surveillance of your social media and social graph together with your credit score report, your buy historical past and state spy businesses and police recordsdata on you to provide a “trustworthiness” rating — individuals who rating low are denied entry to high-speed journey, monetary merchandise, and different companies like […]

2,000+ awesome hieroglyphs, coming soon to Unicode

2,000+ superior hieroglyphs, coming quickly to Unicode

Unicode pioneer Michael Suignard has submitted a “Revised draft for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire” in Unicode, attempting to copy the expressivity of the 7,000 hieroglyphs utilized in Greco/Roman instances. His taxonomy contains over 2,000 superior, well-sorted glyphs, together with the all-important “phallus” and “liquid issuing from phallus”. […]