The technologies that would make the web more participatory

The applied sciences that will make the net extra participatory

The early internet was heralded as a revolution in participatory media the place everybody may make media in addition to consuming it. From the very begin, that promise was eroded by companies that attempted to restrict who may take part within the internet, all the way in which again to Netscape charging nothing […]

Cloudflare's an encrypted, privacy-protecting DNS service

Cloudflare's an encrypted, privacy-protecting DNS service

Cloudflare, an organization with a historical past of resisting surveillance and censorship orders (albeit imperfectly and generally with undesirable consequences) has introduced a brand new DNS service, hosted on the easy-to-remember tackle of, which accepts connections below the still-novel DNS-over-HTTPS protocol, and which has privateness designed in, with all logs written solely to […]

How to evaluate secure messengers and decide which one is for you

How to guage safe messengers and determine which one is for you

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is working an excellent series on the potential and pitfalls of safe messaging app — that is very well timed given the ramping up of state surveillance and identification theft, to not point out anybody seeking to #DeleteFacebook and transition away from Facebook Messenger. Today’s installment, Thinking About What […]