OSIRIS image from the Rosetta spacecraft's final batch of photos.

ESA Unveils Final Images From The Rosetta Mission, Complete With An Nice Surprise At The End

See the Philae lander ‘waving’ from comet 67P and different spectacular views within the remaining pictures from ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft. The pioneering Rosetta mission that helped unravel among the mysteries of comets ended with a bang two years in the past — fairly actually, because the spacecraft crash-landed on the well-known Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko after 12 […]


Indian scientists led by Abhijit Chakraborty uncover a sub-Saturn sized planet- Technology News, Firstpost

The Ahmedabad-based Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) has found a sub-Saturn or super-Neptune measurement planet (with mass equal to 27 Earths and measurement six instances of Earth’s radius) round a Sun-like star, an official statement said on Thursday. This discovery is essential for understanding the formation mechanism of such super-Neptune or sub-Saturn sort of planets which […]

In each lifetime comes one visit from Halley

In every lifetime comes one go to from Halley

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Night Skies: July - when the Earth is furthest from the Sun

Night Skies: July – when the Earth is furthest from the Sun

Martin Lunn, of Earby Astronomical Society, tells us what to look out for within the skies in July. THIS is the month when the Earth is furthest from the Sun. Mars will likely be at its closest to us. The Summer Triangle is now overhead and there’s an eclipse of the Moon. Mars will likely […]

Mars Is About to Go Into

Mars Is About to Go Into

Those who get pleasure from sky gazing are most certainly conscious that Mars will quickly come the closest to Earth that it’s been in 15 years. But that is not all – as of June 28 the planet will go into ‘retrograde’ and seem to zig zag throughout our sky. Here’s what meaning.   Throughout the […]

New NASA Mission Named Ecostress to Detect Plant Water Use from Space |

New NASA Mission Named Ecostress to Detect Plant Water Use from Space |

ECOSTRESS will measure the temperature of vegetation from area Doctors study rather a lot about their sufferers’ well being by taking their temperature. An elevated temperature, or fever, is usually a signal of sickness. The identical goes for vegetation, however their temperatures on a world scale are more durable to measure than the temperatures of […]