Yale's most popular course ever: Happiness

Yale's hottest course ever: Happiness

When Yale psych professor Laurie Santos supplied a course in be comfortable — based mostly on the newest peer-reviewed science — she hoped affordable variety of college students would join (in spite of everything, the literature prompt that there’s an epidemic of melancholy, nervousness and suicidal ideation amongst US faculty college students); the course […]

3D printed origami robots that crawl and grab when activated by magnets

3D printed origami robots that crawl and seize when activated by magnets

A staff at MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have created a set of foldable, 3D printed robots which are doped with magnetic particles which are exactly aligned throughout printing; when triggered by a control-magnet they have interaction in exact actions: grabbing, leaping, rolling, squeezing, and many others. […]

It's often cheaper to pay cash for your prescriptions rather than the co-pay, but the pharmacy is legally prohibited from suggesting it

It's usually cheaper to pay money on your prescriptions relatively than the co-pay, however the pharmacy is legally prohibited from suggesting it

America’s well being care is completely screwed up, Part Ten Gazillion: in lots of instances, the medicines your physician prescribes are cheaper than the co-pay your medical insurance expenses, which signifies that in the event you simply purchase the meds as a substitute of charging them to insurance coverage, you lower your expenses. […]

Employees who practice mindfulness meditation are less motivated, having realized the futility of their jobs

Employees who follow mindfulness meditation are much less motivated, having realized the futility of their jobs

In the NYT, a pair of behavioral scientists describe a forthcoming Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes article (Sci-Hub mirror) that studied the impact of mindfulness meditation (a stylish office moral-booster) on staff’ motivation and efficiency. Turns out that individuals who meditate are much less motivated: “Meditation was correlated with reduced thoughts about […]

Eye tracking and fMRI confirm that we don't even perceive security warnings before clicking past them

Eye monitoring and fMRI affirm that we don't even understand safety warnings earlier than clicking previous them

A staff of laptop scientists, psychologists and neuroscientists used eye-tracking and fMRI to measure how customers perceived safety warnings, resembling warnings about app permissions and browser warnings about insecure pages and plugin installations. They discovered that in a short time, customers turned “habituated” to warnings and actually stopped perceiving them (customers’ consideration might […]

Dank Learning: teaching a machine learning algorithm to generate memes

Dank Learning: educating a machine studying algorithm to generate memes

A physics pupil and an engineering pupil from Stanford fed 400,000 memes to a Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network and requested it to generate extra memes of its personal. It did a fairly good job. We acknowledge that one of many best challenges in our challenge and different language […]

Which American cities have lowest herd immunity due to anti-vaxxers?

Which American cities have lowest herd immunity as a consequence of anti-vaxxers?

Parents of Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Provo, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin, Plano, Detroit, Troy, Warren, Kansas City and Pittsburgh: beware. According to a peer reviewed study of kindergartners whose dad and mom had opted out of vaccination, these cities are the locations with the bottom herd immunity to preventable, debilitating […]

Ranking the most influential computer security papers ever published

Ranking probably the most influential pc safety papers ever printed

Konrad Rieck has data-mined the 9 prime safety conferences, compiling a decade-by-decade list of the papers most frequently cited within the displays delivered at these occasions: prime of the pile is Random Oracles are Practical: A Paradigm for Designing Efficient Protocols (Sci-Hub mirror), from the 1993 ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. Rieck […]

Empirical evidence for the Peter Principle (or, why bosses are so incompetent)

Empirical proof for the Peter Principle (or, why bosses are so incompetent)

Dr. Laurence J. Peter’s 1969 “Peter Principle” holds that firms promote high-performing workers to an increasing number of exalted managerial jobs till these workers attain a job that they are incompetent to carry out, and thereafter, the staff’ unfavorable efficiency critiques imply that they cease getting promoted, in order that, on common, managers are […]