The endless stream of White House spelling mistakes

The limitless stream of White House spelling errors

The BBC stories on the deluge of spelling errors in official White House communications, from amusements resembling “Air Force Once” to harmful errors resembling this week’s accidentally-on-purpose suggestion that Iran nonetheless has a nuclear weapons program. Less than a month after taking workplace, the White House misspelled the identify of British Prime Minister Theresa […]

What happens when you ask British Alexa to calculate 10 to the power of 308

What occurs whenever you ask British Alexa to calculate 10 to the facility of 308

“Oh.” Here’s the American one, providing a wholly totally different expertise: Atari’s retro sport console, annoying given the identical title because the 1977 authentic, received’t be displaying up till 2019, experiences Andrew Tarantola. But you’ll be capable to pre-order it quickly anyway. We’re additionally lastly getting a touch on the system’s capabilities. […]

Most paintings in French art museum turn out to be forgeries

Most work in French artwork museum change into forgeries

The Etienne Terrus Museum in France learned that 60 percent its collection was forged. Etienne Terrus labored a century in the past and died in 1922; it isn’t clear how the native gallery devoted to his reminiscence got here to such a weird finish, solely that the acquisitions had been current: “It’s a disaster for […]

Trump brushes "dandruff" off French President's suit

Trump brushes "dandruff" off French President's swimsuit

In lieu of upgrading his once-formidable handshake, the President has a brand new alpha roll: brushing dandruff from Emmanual Macron’s swimsuit. It’s a superbly Trumpian neg, a gesture of passive-aggressive buffoonery that makes him look robust to his followers and weak to his foes. Everyone else simply has to smile, like Macron, and hope for […]

Convention celebrating diversity in fandom abruptly cancelled

Convention celebrating range in fandom abruptly cancelled

Universal FanCon was presupposed to fill the Baltimore Convention Center with a celebration of range and marginalized of us in fandom, full with big-name company and an array of panels. Then it was mysteriously “postponed” with out warning, days earlier than it was to start—a postponement that looks an awful lot like no-refund cancellation. […]

How to stop making five biggest mistakes new cinematographers make - DIY Photography

How to cease making 5 greatest errors new cinematographers make – DIY Photography

Making mistakes is an inevitable a part of our studying course of. Still, it’s good to discover ways to keep away from them, so we are able to develop and make our work higher. Nerris Nassiri from Aputure shares 5 greatest errors all newbie cinematographers make. But to be trustworthy, photographers will acknowledge themselves in […]

Monkey slapping lion

Monkey slapping lion

Introducing the worst video thumbnail image in Boing Boing and maybe world historical past. [via] Once upon a time, The Atlantic employed Kevin Williamson, a conservative columnist who likened a black baby to a primate, wrote that transwomen have been effigies, and tweeted that girls who’ve abortions needs to be hanged. The Atlantic mentioned this […]