How to remove splinters with a DIY smart phone magnifier

How to take away splinters with a DIY good telephone magnifier

Chris Notap was in a position to pull a tiny splinter from his hand by attaching a small lens attachment he made for his telephone, and taking a look at his telephone’s show to information him within the surgical procedure. Here’s a video on methods to make the lens attachment (mainly, purchase a movie digital […]

Watch this guy make and use a propeller backpack for skiing

Watch this man make and use a propeller backpack for snowboarding

Last winter, Samm Sheperd took one other stab at skiing with a propeller backpack (his first strive overheated). The first 4 minutes present the construct for individuals who need to leap to the testing. Here’s part 1: • Playing with Propeller Backpack v2 but with less 🔥 (YouTube / Samm Sheperd) This very satisfying drone […]

Tour of a printed circuit board factory in China

Tour of a printed circuit board manufacturing facility in China

Scotty Allen is a nomadic engineer, entrepreneur, adventurer, and storyteller who lives in San Francisco and Shenzhen, China. His YouTube sequence, Strange Parts, is a must-watch for me. In his newest video, he went to JLCPCB, one of many largest prototype printed circuit board producers in China. If you’d prefer to take heed to my […]

Linux for Makers, by Aaron Newcomb

Linux for Makers, by Aaron Newcomb

I’ve had little or no expertise with Linux however now that I am utilizing Raspberry Pis (an affordable single board pc that runs Linux) I must know the way to use Linux. Online how-tos are good, however Linux for Makers, by Aaron Newcomb, is best. In truth, this e-book is pure gold. It assumes zero […]

Strange Parts visits an industrial production materials market in Yiwu, China

Strange Parts visits an industrial manufacturing supplies market in Yiwu, China

Scotty of the Strange Parts Youtube channel says, “today we’re exploring the Industrial Production Materials Market in Yiwu, China, which is filled with all sorts of amazing factory machines and tons of other strange parts of all shapes and sizes. We see injection molding machines, plastic bottle machines, looms of all shapes and sizes, zipper […]

Barbie ride-on toy car modded with real engine goes 70 mph

Barbie ride-on toy automobile modded with actual engine goes 70 mph

Edwin Olding hacked collectively a Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang chassis with an previous go-kart body and a custom-made Honda grime bike engine. This scorching pink whip now races at 70 mph. From The Drive: Olding instructed The Drive, “I wanted to find the cutest Barbie Power Wheels car online and turn it […]

How do pinball machine solenoids work?

How do pinball machine solenoids work?

Solenoids are frequent electromechanical gadgets. They’re utilized in pinball machines to make the ball shoot away once they hit a bumper. If you’ve got ever have the chance to the touch an energized pinball bumper, you’ll instantly acquire an appreciation for its explosive energy. In this video, well-known hacker Jeri Ellsworth takes aside a pinball […]

Adam Savage at Maker Faire: the importance of sharing

Adam Savage at Maker Faire: the significance of sharing

Adam Savage offers a chat yearly at Maker Faire. It’s one of many highlights on the Bay Area occasion. This yr, Adam talked about why sharing is such an essential a part of the maker motion. I am right here to defend sharing as a significant side of maker tradition that’s intrinsic to the underlying […]