Fired by an algorithm, and no one can figure out why

Fired by an algorithm, and nobody can work out why

Ibrahim Diallo was eight months into a 3 yr contract with an enormous firm when its methods abruptly determined that he was fired: first it instructed his recruiter that he’d been let go, then it stopped accepting his cross for the parking and the turnstyles, then his logins stopped working, and at every flip, […]

Employees who practice mindfulness meditation are less motivated, having realized the futility of their jobs

Employees who follow mindfulness meditation are much less motivated, having realized the futility of their jobs

In the NYT, a pair of behavioral scientists describe a forthcoming Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes article (Sci-Hub mirror) that studied the impact of mindfulness meditation (a stylish office moral-booster) on staff’ motivation and efficiency. Turns out that individuals who meditate are much less motivated: “Meditation was correlated with reduced thoughts about […]

On Amazon’s Time

On Amazon’s Time

At the beating coronary heart of Amazon’s unstoppable ecommerce enlargement is a really fundamental promise: jobs. When a Fulfillment Center opens, the expectation is that wherever from 1,000 to 2,200 positions will change into out there in a single day, every offering 40 hours of labor week at a minimal. In actuality, the labor hours […]

Factory Making Amazon Products in China Violated All Kinds of Labor Laws

Factory Making Amazon Products in China Violated All Kinds of Labor Laws

Photo: Getty Factory employees in China tasked with constructing Amazon’s well-liked Echo audio system and Kindle e-readers are uncovered to horrendous work environments and circumstances that usually are in violation of Chinese regulation, a recent report from a watchdog group discovered. China Labor Watch spent nine months investigating the working circumstances of a Foxconn-owned manufacturing […]

America: where rising productivity means longer working hours

America: the place rising productiveness means longer working hours

In most international locations, rising productiveness means fewer working hours: however US staff, among the many world’s best, put longer hours than different rich-country staff, particularly nordic staff — if America’s productiveness/hours curve labored prefer it does in Denmark and Norway, American staff would get an extra 2.2 months of trip yearly. But […]

Bernie Sanders rallies Disneyland employees for a $15 minimum wage

Bernie Sanders rallies Disneyland workers for a $15 minimal wage

Disneyland workers’ common hourly wages have decreased in real terms every year for more than 15 years, whereas the corporate has taken in record municipal subsidies from the town of Anaheim and soared in profitability, returning excessive dividends to its shareholders. The switch of wealth from workers to shareholders and the squeeze on […]