Ukraine wants a national church that is not beholden to Moscow

Ukraine desires a nationwide church that’s not beholden to Moscow

THE row is over factors of ecclesiastical historical past and process that most individuals, together with bizarre folks who belong to the related church buildings, discover completely obscure. But the geopolitical stakes are huge. That is one technique to describe the escalating dispute over non secular authority in Ukraine, a religious and divided nation, the […]

North Korea presents nuclear disarmament’s biggest challenge yet

North Korea presents nuclear disarmament’s largest problem but

SIEGFRIED HECKER, a professor who used to run America’s nuclear laboratory at Los Alamos, remembers the newest of the seven journeys he has made to North Korea, in 2010. His hosts have been exhibiting off their sprawling Yongbyon atomic-energy advanced. With a mix of shyness and defiance, they displayed an astonishing spectacle: a corridor with […]

How Iraq was deprived of its weapons of mass destruction

How Iraq was disadvantaged of its weapons of mass destruction

ROLF EKEUS, a Swedish diplomat, as soon as personified essentially the most sustained effort ever undertaken to deprive a rustic of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). He was the main determine in a programme to implement peace phrases on Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s dictator, in 1991, forcing him to surrender nuclear, organic and chemical weapons and […]

Britain’s future king faces up to Jerusalem’s religious politics

Britain’s future king faces as much as Jerusalem’s non secular politics

THE tortured relationships between two royal households, Jerusalem, Israel and the Jews got here to a head this week as Britain’s future king (and until one thing modifications, the longer term head of the Church of England) toured the town, which is held expensive by three monotheistic religions. His itinerary included the Western Wall, the […]


On June 20th, on the Medical Journalists’ Association annual awards for health-care journalism, John McDermott, our world public-policy editor, and Natasha Loder, our health-care correspondent, each gained prizes—for writing about trauma drugs and most cancers, respectively. Source link

Hospitals are learning from industry how to cut medical errors

Hospitals are studying from business the right way to reduce medical errors

AFTER a mind aneurysm in 2004, Mary McClinton was admitted to Virginia Mason Medical Centre in Seattle. Preparing for an x-ray, the 69-year-old was injected not, as she ought to have been, with a dye that highlights blood vessels, however with chlorhexidine, an antiseptic. Both are colourless liquids. The dye is innocent; the antiseptic proved […]

A Muslim monarch and religious diplomat wins some overdue recognition

A Muslim monarch and non secular diplomat wins some overdue recognition

ONE of the world’s most profitable prizes for religious endeavour,  bequeathed by an American-British billionaire who was a fervent Christian, has been awarded this 12 months to one of many luminaries of the Muslim world, King Abdullah of Jordan. The Jordanian monarch, whose dynasty claims descent from the prophet Muhammad, is just the second Muslim […]

For those who fight sex-trafficking, dark rituals compound the problem

For those that struggle sex-trafficking, darkish rituals compound the issue

PEOPLE who marketing campaign towards the ghastly phenomenon of human trafficking and intercourse slavery quickly turn into conscious that they’re contending not solely with flesh-and-blood wrongdoers but additionally with invisible forces which, if nothing else, are very a lot alive inside individuals’s heads. One of probably the most infamous North-South rackets entails transporting younger girls, […]

Public transport is in decline in many wealthy cities

Public transport is in decline in lots of rich cities

JUANA, who got here to America from Guatemala, used to take the bus to and from cleansing jobs. It wore on her. Walking to the bus cease after an extended day at work was exhausting, particularly when it rained, because it often does in Los Angeles. Now Juana drives in all places, even to her […]

Scripture offers much material for arguments about dividing families

Scripture presents a lot materials for arguments about dividing households

AMERICAN commentators each spiritual and secular have been digging deep into the Bible over the previous week. They have been looking for solutions to the declare by Jeff Sessions, the attorney-general, that a new practice of separating parents and children at the Mexican border is based in holy writ. Mr Sessions defended the coverage of […]