A crash course in organic chemistry

A crash course in natural chemistry

Jakob Magolan is right here to vary your notion of natural chemistry. In an accessible discuss filled with putting graphics, he teaches us the fundamentals whereas breaking the stereotype that natural chemistry is one thing to be afraid of. Source link

A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

A brand new approach to take away CO2 from the environment

Our planet has a carbon drawback — if we do not begin eradicating carbon dioxide from the environment, we’ll develop hotter, sooner. Chemical engineer Jennifer Wilcox previews some wonderful know-how to wash carbon from the air, utilizing chemical reactions that seize and reuse CO2 in a lot the identical manner timber do … however at […]

How we're saving one of Earth's last wild places

How we're saving one in all Earth's final wild locations

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Why teens confess to crimes they didn't commit

Why teenagers confess to crimes they didn't commit

Why do juveniles falsely confess to crimes? What makes them extra weak than adults to this stunning, counterintuitive phenomenon? Through the lens of Brendan Dassey’s interrogation and confession (as featured in Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” documentary), developmental psychology professor and researcher Lindsay Malloy breaks down the science underlying false confessions and requires change in the […]

The tiny creature that secretly powers the planet

The tiny creature that secretly powers the planet

Oceanographer Penny Chisholm tells the story of a tiny ocean creature you’ve got most likely by no means heard of: Prochlorococcus, essentially the most ample photosynthetic species on the planet. A marine microbe that has existed for billions of years, Prochlorococcus wasn’t found till the mid-1980s — however its historical genetic code could maintain clues […]

How autonomous flying taxis could change the way you travel

How autonomous flying taxis may change the way in which you journey

Flight is about to get much more private, says aviation entrepreneur Rodin Lyasoff. In this visionary discuss, he imagines a brand new golden age of air journey during which small, autonomous air taxis permit us to bypass site visitors jams and essentially rework how we get round our cities and cities. “In the past century, […]

The story of 'Oumuamua, the first visitor from another star system

The story of 'Oumuamua, the primary customer from one other star system

In October 2017, astrobiologist Karen J. Meech obtained the decision each astronomer waits for: NASA had noticed the very first customer from one other star system. The interstellar comet — a half-mile-long object ultimately named `Oumuamua, from the Hawaiian for “scout” or “messenger” — raised intriguing questions: Was it a bit of rocky particles from […]

Bridges should be beautiful

Bridges ought to be stunning

Bridges should be useful, protected and sturdy, however they need to even be elegant and delightful, says structural engineer Ian Firth. In this mesmerizing tour of bridges outdated and new, Firth explores the potential for innovation and selection on this important construction — and the way spectacular ones reveal our connectivity, unleash our creativity and […]

The symbols of systemic racism -- and how to take away their power

The symbols of systemic racism — and the way to remove their energy

Multidisciplinary artist and TED Fellow Paul Rucker is unstitching the legacy of systemic racism within the United States. A collector of artifacts related to the historical past of slavery — from branding irons and shackles to postcards depicting lynchings — Rucker could not discover an undamaged Ku Klux Klan gown for his assortment, so he […]