Leaked docs reveal Koch/Walton/DeVos's anti-teacher talking points

Leaked docs reveal Koch/Walton/DeVos's anti-teacher speaking factors

The “State Policy Network” is a coalition of 66 far-right organizations who’ve been given $80M by a small variety of billionaires, together with the Walton household (heirs to the Walmart fortune), the Koch Brothers, and Betsy DeVos; they’re afraid of the teachers’ uprising, during which wildcat strikes have raced throughout America as a result […]

The other class war: technocrats vs plutocrats

The different class conflict: technocrats vs plutocrats

After World War Two, the stability of wealth shifted dramatically: the super-rich misplaced a lot capital in the course of the two wars and the interwar interval that their grip on energy slipped, creating the house for a welfare state and different reforms. One main a part of this shift was the creation […]

If this goes on... The 1% will own two thirds of the world by 2030

If this goes on… The 1% will personal two thirds of the world by 2030

The House of Commons Library has printed analysis projecting the post-2008 progress of inequality till 2030, arriving at an eye-popping headline determine: at present charges, the richest 1% will personal two thirds of the world’s riches by 2030. I believe that quantity is simply too low. Here’s why. The years since 2008 have […]

Alt-labor: the new, ungovernable red-state labor movements, led by teachers

Alt-labor: the brand new, ungovernable red-state labor actions, led by academics

America’s “red states” are sometimes considered homogeneous nests of parochial reactionary voters; it is extra correct to say that their locations which have been cruelly dominated by Republican lawmakers who owe their seats to gerrymandering and voter suppression that disenfranchises progressives. That’s why wildcat, uncompromising, radical academics’ strikes have erupted in four states […]

West Virginia is contagious: mass teacher walkouts in Kansas and Oklahoma

West Virginia is contagious: mass trainer walkouts in Kansas and Oklahoma

It’s been brewing for weeks and now it is boiling over: Kentucky lecturers are strolling off the job en masse in statewide demonstrations triggered by dirty-tricking GOP state legislators who snuck a provision that gutted their pensions right into a sewage invoice; they’re joined by Oklahoma lecturers who’ve endured endless abuse and humiliation from […]