Extracting Water from Fog

Extracting Water from Fog

Most of us take it as a right that water is as shut as your kitchen faucet. But that’s not true in all places. Two scientists at MIT have a brand new technique for harvesting water from fog, particularly fog launched from cooling towers comparable to these discovered from energy crops. It seems, harvesting water […]

The Fogtographer - DIY Photography

The Fogtographer – DIY Photography

Justin Rosenberg is a photographer who loves fog! But that’s not all he shoots, in his personal phrases he says ‘In my images, I aim to convey a sense of that hope in the struggle. Much of my work focuses on a single subject relating to a seemingly harsh/sparse environment. I’m typically drawn to the […]

Start your monday with this enormous Scottish foghorn

Start your monday with this huge Scottish foghorn

The foghorn at Sumburgh within the Shetland Islands of Scotland is powered by a couple of 44hp Kelvin Ok-Series diesel engines, powering the Alley and MacLellan compressors which blow the horn itself. “Just so’s you know,” writes JJ Jamieson, who posted this footage to YouTube, “the horn was originally much louder at the end, but […]