Watch how smartphones plus RF imaging can detect motion through concrete and stone

Watch how smartphones plus RF imaging can detect movement via concrete and stone

The Action Lab arrange an interesting proof of concept utilizing a smartphone plus an inexpensive radio frequency 3D imaging doo-dad to sense movement in one other room. He demonstrates it with a Walabot, which runs about $80. This is totally different than another stud finder apps, however operates on lots of […]

Watch how to use dry erase markers to make writing that floats

Watch tips on how to use dry erase markers to make writing that floats

SoCraftastic examined six marker varieties on a non-porous floor to see which one allowed the ink to float on water. The impact is fairly cool with a stick determine. It seems the one model that actually works properly is Expo dry erase markers: The different trick is to search […]

Gorgeous resin sphere turned on a lathe

Gorgeous resin sphere turned on a lathe

Heath Knuckles created this stunning burl and resin sculpture he names “Red Dawn.” A really satisfying and stress-free video, largely due to the nice music selections. He’s completed a lot of different colours on his Instagram: He also sells blanks on his website if you would like to strive your […]

Managing fitness and pain with my DIY Peloton

Managing health and ache with my DIY Peloton

Just a little over a yr in the past I pieced collectively my own ‘low-rent’ Peloton spinning cycle. This low cost spinning bike has change into a useful device managing my so-called health, in addition to the ache my degenerating discs present. I’ve lengthy suffered from ‘a foul again.’ I’ve a number of […]

Charming birdhouses that look like retro camping trailers

Charming birdhouses that appear like retro tenting trailers

Nashville maker One Man One Garage created these enjoyable flat-pack birdhouse kits that assemble into classic campers. Via his Etsy: I took concepts from previous pictures from a trailer I as soon as had (a 1974 Scotty). The development of the birdhouse is pretty easy, however the particulars depart countless prospects with making this […]

Drones find over 50 new enormous artworks etched into the Peruvian desert

Drones discover over 50 new huge artworks etched into the Peruvian desert

National Geographic stories solely on a mission in Peru utilizing low-altitude drones to establish dozens of ancient geoglyphs undetectable by the unassisted human eye. Via Nat Geo: Some of the newfound strains belong to the Nasca tradition, which held sway within the space from 200 to 700 A.D. However, archaeologists […]

Watch surfers try out train-powered waves at Slater's surf ranch

Watch surfers check out train-powered waves at Slater's surf ranch

Surfer Magazine just lately headed over to Kelly Slater’s Wave Company, a humongous wave-generating engine on rails that lays out glassy slab after slab. Here’s Gerry Lopez taking a crack at it: Here are another notable professional surfers attempting it out, together with Malia Manuel, Lakey Peterson, and […]

Delightful petri dishes filled with wool and felt fungi

Delightful petri dishes crammed with wool and felt fungi

Elin Thomas makes use of actual petri dishes and fills them with lovely crocheted felt and wool spores, mold, and fungi. Via Etsy: Stop by her Etsy, the place she additionally makes pretty lichens on rocks in the same type. In a profile, she described her inspiration: When I noticed […]

Watch how to turn obsidian into a razor-sharp blade

Watch find out how to flip obsidian right into a razor-sharp blade

Andy from How To Make Everything went out within the Utah desert, gathered up volcanic glass, then by way of trial and error realized how to make an Aztec-style edge weapon. The episode consists of an attention-grabbing historical past lesson from anthropologist Gilbert Tostevin at University of Minnesota, who reveals Andy […]

Watch how to find and eat giant puffball mushrooms

Watch discover and eat large puffball mushrooms

Tim Farmer discovered a giant puffball mushroom within the woods, a fall delicacy that requires a bit good luck and timing to get pleasure from. They are lots safer than selecting different wild mushrooms as a result of they’re fairly simple to determine. Of course, cigarette butts would most […]