Wildbook: facial recognition for critters in the wild

Wildbook: facial recognition for critters within the wild

The Wildbook mission conducts wild animal inhabitants censuses by combining photographs of animals taken by vacationers, scientists, and volunteers after which utilizing their distinctive options (zebra stripes, whale fluke shapes, leopard spots, and so on) to establish people and produces unprecedented knowledge that makes use of creepy facial recognition instruments for non-creepy functions. […]

Dank Learning: teaching a machine learning algorithm to generate memes

Dank Learning: educating a machine studying algorithm to generate memes

A physics pupil and an engineering pupil from Stanford fed 400,000 memes to a Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network and requested it to generate extra memes of its personal. It did a fairly good job. We acknowledge that one of many best challenges in our challenge and different language […]

Ranking the most influential computer security papers ever published

Ranking probably the most influential pc safety papers ever printed

Konrad Rieck has data-mined the 9 prime safety conferences, compiling a decade-by-decade list of the papers most frequently cited within the displays delivered at these occasions: prime of the pile is Random Oracles are Practical: A Paradigm for Designing Efficient Protocols (Sci-Hub mirror), from the 1993 ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. Rieck […]

The first "portable" computer fit in two trailer vans and weighed 20 tons

The first "portable" pc slot in two trailer vans and weighed 20 tons

The first electromechanical computer systems occupied complete buildings, making them slightly unwieldy; within the 1950s, an effort to create a “portable” pc known as the DYSEAC bore fruit within the type of a pc on wheels that could possibly be relocated, supplied you had the trucking logistics to maneuver two trailers with a mixed […]

The new Deep Fakes are in and they're spookily good

The new Deep Fakes are in they usually're spookily good

SIGGRAPH is coming, when all of the amazeballs graphics analysis drops, and the previews are terrifying and astonishing by turns (typically each!). A staff led by Stanford’s Michael Zollhöfer has posted a preview of their analysis on “Deep Video” — utilizing deep studying algorithms to edit current movies in order that the phrases […]

The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is an Absolute Beast

The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is an Absolute Beast

A row of Summit’s server racks.Photo: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Behold Summit, a brand new supercomputer able to making 200 million billion calculations per second. It marks the primary time in 5 years machine from the United States has been ranked because the world’s strongest. The specs for this $200 million machine defy comprehension. Built […]

What rural America needs to succeed in the digital economy

What rural America wants to achieve the digital financial system

A seismic shift is going on in rural America. The opioid epidemic is disabling a phase of the workforce, retail jobs are giving method to ecommerce platforms, and faculty graduates are shifting to cities looking for increased pay. But arguably the largest change is workforce automation, and rural communities merely don’t have the instruments they […]

The most interesting thing about the "Thanksgiving Effect" study is what it tells us about the limits of data anonymization

The most fascinating factor concerning the "Thanksgiving Effect" research is what it tells us concerning the limits of knowledge anonymization

Late final yr, a pair of economists launched an interesting paper that used cellular location information to estimate the probability that political polarization had shortened household Thanksgiving dinners in 2016. The conclusions have been certainly fascinating, however much more telling is the methodology. The researchers have been capable of purchase location information from […]