Lost Voice Guy: Stand-up comedian wins over audience without uttering a word

Lost Voice Guy: Stand-up comic wins over viewers with out uttering a phrase

For a Britain’s Got Talent audition, humorist Lost Voice Guy (aka Lee Ridley) carried out an excellent set with out talking a phrase. The unvoiced 37-year-old British comedian used an artificial voice machine to ship his jokes which had the viewers and judges in stitches. He writes: I even have Cerebral Palsy. […]

buy two ears, get nose free!

Man wakes to seek out new Tesco in proper earNewsBiscuit

Stephen Bath, a 44 year old Office Manager from Watford was astonished to find that a Tesco Metro Store had opened for business in his ear canal. After waking from a deep sleep suddenly by the sound of beeping checkouts and crashing shopping baskets Stephen frantically searched around for the source of the cacophony before […]

’80s Movies Were Obsessed With These Trends and Tropes (That We Now Rarely See)

’80s Movies Were Obsessed With These Trends and Tropes (That We Now Rarely See)

The 1980s weren’t simply full of massive hair, massive telephones, massive energy ballads, and large shoulder pads. The decade additionally featured its justifiable share of unusual film tendencies, tropes, genres, clichés, and conventions. Many of that are hardly ever seen in cinemas at this time. With the next 11 of the perfect. Swords, Sandals, and Sorcery […]

Conservatives and Lib Dems unmasked in sham marriage clampdownNewsBiscuit

Conservatives and Lib Dems unmasked in sham marriage clampdownNewsBiscuit

A Church of England crackdown on sham marriages has raised fundamental questions about the union of David Cameron and Nick Clegg who were married in a civil ceremony in May last year. ‘Unfortunately there will always be unscrupulous couples out there who are prepared to abuse the office of political matrimony and enter into a […]

the British public finally has a choice of dirty partner

Nick Clegg launches sinister courting web site: ‘Salmond, Farage or Me’NewsBiscuit

In attempt to help voters lose their lunch, the Lib Dems have promoted their answer to C4’s ‘The Undateables’. Offering a stark choice of sexual extremes, Nick Clegg has positioned himself as the ‘moderate filling’, sandwiched between the thick, sweaty slabs of the SNP’s Alex Salmond and UKIP’s Nigel Farage. Those online, looking for love, […]

UN appoint Jeremy Kyle to lead international conflict resolutionNewsBiscuit

UN appoint Jeremy Kyle to guide worldwide battle resolutionNewsBiscuit

The United Nations have announced the appointment of Jeremy Kyle to take up the newly created position of President of the Resolution of International Conflicts (PRIC). The move, sponsored by FoxyBingo.com, sees the smug presenter build on the success of his ITV show, and may also help bring a whole new ‘daytime’ audience to the […]

Trading on the raw sex appeal of Peter Sallis.

Top Gear producers angrily deny any resemblance to Last of the Summer WineNewsBiscuit

The writers and stars of loosely car-based sitcom Top Gear have furiously denied stealing their ideas from Roy Clarke’s long-running show Last of the Summer Wine. ‘Our programme features three old gits, at odds with the modern world, who react to their powerlessness by retreating into a second childhood. How on earth is that similar […]


Ethelred was ‘actually ready’, new report findsNewsBiscuit

Documents launched underneath the one thousand 12 months rule have revealed that the referendum carried out by Britons in 1016 now present the King, King Ethelred, was really extraordinarily prepared, regardless of the eventual vote ending up cut up 52% to 48% to the alternative. It is believed there was a number of misrepresentation of […]

Surprise surprise

Child finds Jesus in her Kinder Surprise™NewsBiscuit

After a fruits of generations of messianic prophecies and the consumption of thousands and thousands of Easter eggs, the Second Coming has ultimately been triggered by toddler from Fleet, Hampshire. Vatican officers are reluctant at this stage to classify this occasion as a miracle however admit it’s actually a ‘surprise’. Madeleine, four, was pretty nonplussed […]