Kremlin-backed fake news targets Britain

Kremlin-backed faux information targets Britain

IT WAS Britain, not Russia, that poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter, to stoke Russophobia. Or maybe Ukraine focused the previous spy, to border Russia. Then once more, possibly the Skripals have been by accident uncovered to a British nerve-agent, produced at Porton Down laboratory. Or possibly the culprits have been the daughter’s half-crazy fiancé […]

Could Britain stand another vote on Brexit?

Could Britain stand one other vote on Brexit?

IT WAS extra like a happy-clappy church than a political rally, with whoops, cheers and flag-waving. The incongruous setting for this Sunday outing was an previous ballroom in Camden, the place a marketing campaign was launched on April 15th to demand a “People’s Vote” on the Brexit deal. All the principle pro-European Union teams got […]

How Labour plans to take a totemic Tory council

How Labour plans to take a totemic Tory council

ANDREW WESTERN not performs “car bingo”. When canvassing in Trafford, a usually affluent borough south of Manchester, the chief of the native Labour Party used to guess whether or not a family voted Labour or Tory primarily based on the automobile within the driveway. This was till 2012, when he got here throughout a new-build […]

Britain’s ambitious apprenticeship reforms are in trouble

Britain’s bold apprenticeship reforms are in bother

IN 1563 Parliament handed the Statute of Artificers, to “banish idleness, advance husbandry, and yield unto the hired person…a convenient proportion of wages.” The goals of abilities coverage have modified little within the intervening centuries (though a contemporary authorities may assume twice earlier than compelling single individuals beneath the age of 30 to take an […]

An alarming rise in mental-health sectioning in Britain

An alarming rise in mental-health sectioning in Britain

“I CAN’T remember how many times I was sectioned,” says Hannah MacDonald, a former nurse. She remembers a lot of the primary time, although. During remedy in 2007 she talked about that she had self-harmed and had suicidal ideas. The subsequent morning, on arriving at work, she was taken to a windowless room within the […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s pacifist illusion

Jeremy Corbyn’s pacifist phantasm

GEORGE ORWELL wrote, somewhat wickedly, in “The Road to Wigan Pier” that the British left acts as an irresistible magnet to cranks of each selection: fruit-juice drinkers, nudists, sandal-wearers, sex-maniacs, “nature cure” quacks, and, a selected peeve of his, pacifists. On the entire the Labour Party has executed an admirable job of conserving its crank-wing […]

“Rivers of blood”: the lasting legacy of a poisonous speech

“Rivers of blood”: the lasting legacy of a toxic speech

ON APRIL 20th 1968 Enoch Powell rose to provide a speech earlier than an viewers of Conservative Party activists within the Midland Hotel in Birmingham. Normally such an event, on a Saturday afternoon, would have attracted little consideration. But the shadow defence secretary, dressed formally, as ever, in a three-piece swimsuit, had different concepts. Powell […]

The “national shame” of Britain’s treatment of Windrush migrants

The “national shame” of Britain’s therapy of Windrush migrants

THE previous few years have been a “nightmare”, says Anthony Bryan. After his passport utility was turned down, the Home Office claimed he was an unlawful immigrant as a result of he lacked the paperwork to show in any other case. He misplaced his job and did two stints in prison-like migration detention centres. At […]

Beeping The Enemy Into Submission

Beeping The Enemy Into Submission

In July 1940 the German airforce started bombing Britain. This was met with well mannered disagreement on the British facet — and with excessive expertise, ingenuity, and improvisation. The defeat of the Germans is related to anti-aircraft weapons and fighter planes, however a major quantity of potential harm had been averted by means of radio. […]