Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras

Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras

ZHENGZHOU, China — In the Chinese metropolis of Zhengzhou, a police officer sporting facial recognition glasses noticed a heroin smuggler at a prepare station. In Qingdao, a metropolis well-known for its German colonial heritage, cameras powered by synthetic intelligence helped the police snatch two dozen prison suspects within the midst of a giant annual beer […]

To really know the Midwest, investors need to get off the bus

Universities and legacy industries are giving rise to the Midwest’s AI startups

Despite the promise synthetic intelligence holds to rework many aspects of American life, nearly all of synthetic intelligence corporations are nonetheless concentrated in conventional tech hubs. According to a Glassdoor analysis from November, 30 p.c of open jobs on the time that included the phrases “artificial intelligence, “AI” or “deep learning” within the job title […]

High-Skilled White-Collar Work? Machines Can Do That, Too

High-Skilled White-Collar Work? Machines Can Do That, Too

There are different checks on automation. Negotiations with suppliers usually require a human contact. Even if an algorithm might help consumers make selections extra rapidly and precisely, there are limits to the variety of provider relationships they will juggle. Arti Zeighami, who oversees superior analytics and synthetic intelligence for the H & M group, which […]

Google Duplex demo reveals fresh details about how the AI-powered calling service will work

AI Weekly: If Duplex is the long run, then Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana ought to begin working collectively

Last week, Google gave the world more information about Duplex, its experimental conversational AI that makes cellphone calls to schedule appointments or make restaurant reservations in your behalf. With preliminary trials anticipated to start within the coming weeks, the corporate shared further particulars about the way it will navigate communication between a Google Assistant person and […]

Google is Reportedly Looking to Take Over Call Centers With Its Duplex AI Assistant

Google is Reportedly Looking to Take Over Call Centers With Its Duplex AI Assistant

A headset hangs on a cubical wall after the final telemarketing shift at Spectrum Marketing Services, Inc. September 26, 2003 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Photo: Getty When Google launched Google Duplex, its AI assistant designed to talk like a human, the corporate confirmed off how the common individual might use the tech to save lots of time […]

A.I. players master ‘Quake III Arena,’ manage to outperform humans

A.I. gamers grasp ‘Quake III Arena,’ handle to outperform people

Those amongst us who concern that we’ve already handed the purpose of no return relating to artificial intelligence turning into self-aware and plotting to homicide the human race will doubtless cite A.I. analysis firm DeepMind’s newest experiment as additional proof of that notion. Using Id Software’s Quake III Arena, DeepMind has managed to train artificial players […]

MIT’s PixelPlayer can isolate the sounds of instruments using AI

MIT’s PixelPlayer can isolate the sounds of devices utilizing AI

Equalizers are one strategy to pump up the bass in your favourite tunes, however researchers on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have a greater answer. Their system — PixelPlayer — makes use of synthetic intelligence to differentiate between and isolate the sounds of devices, and make them louder […]

These nine companies are snapping up almost all the AI startups

These 9 corporations are snapping up nearly all of the AI startups

In the present acquisition binge round synthetic intelligence, tech behemoths with deep pockets prepared the ground, together with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Twitter, and Salesforce. The just one with a restricted consumer-facing presence is social monitoring agency Meltwater. This checklist contains corporations which have made 4 or newer acquisitions, however there’s loads of […]