Blinging Up A Scope: Scale Your Divisions In Style

When a hacker owns an oscilloscope, it’s greater than a possession. Weary nights are spent staring on the show, frantically twiddling the dials to coax out important data. Over time, a bond is shaped – and solely the most effective will do in your scope. So why accept the inventory plastic dials when you can go for gold? Well in case you hadn’t observed, we’re keen on a little bit of over-engineering right here at Hackaday, and [AvE] has upgraded his Rigol scope by adding metal knobs.

Employing his ordinary expertise within the store, [AvE] first turns the essential knob shapes from the inventory, earlier than drilling them and milling the outer texture sample at an angle. Voilà: six customized knobs for 100% extra torque and traction management. No matter how trivial the undertaking, it’s at all times good to observe him at work. This [AvE] video doesn’t include the standard fruity language warning; as an alternative this construct is about to the swelling tones of Beethoven. “Less Talk – More Action!” says the title, however now we have to say that we miss his quips. That stated, he nonetheless manages to ship his signature humour via motion alone.

For some barely extra useful oscilloscope upgrades, you possibly can examine adding a hybrid touchscreen interface, or hacking a Rigol scope’s software to unlock greater bandwidth, storage depth and more.

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