Amiga 2000 Emergency Repair

Big corporations spend small fortunes on ensuring their computer systems keep working and that they are often repaired shortly in an emergency. You wouldn’t anticipate an emergency restore on an Amiga 2000, although. [RETR-O-MAT] purchased an Amiga 2000 that did boot, however was recognized to have a leaky battery on the motherboard. He wished to hurry to replace the battery before the leakage caused serious damage. You can see all this within the video beneath.

The laptop seemed evenly used over its 32-year lifespan, even when the case got here off. The battery corrosion was evident, although. Even the bolt holding down the motherboard was clearly corroded from the leaking battery, inflicting it to be very troublesome to take away.

The battery leakage additionally made unsoldering the battery a problem. Several chips and sockets — together with the CPU — have been affected, in order that they needed to come out. You can see a pleasant demonstration of the “old screwdriver trick” which may be eye-opening when you’ve solely labored with SMD chips.

Even when you don’t care a lot concerning the Amiga 2000, it’s fascinating to see inside an previous laptop like this and be aware the variations — and similarities — to fashionable designs. The video is as a lot a tear down as it’s a restore story. It additionally may be helpful when you ever face having to tear out a leaky battery on any piece of drugs.

The audio is a bit obscure when [RETR-O-MAT] mentions the liquid he makes use of to neutralize the battery corrosive. It is vinegar. He refers back to the corrosive as “battery acid” however, actually, from that type of battery it’s a base. According to Duracell:

Follow these tricks to clear up after a battery has leaked: Work in a well-ventilated space. Wear family gloves and glasses. Using a toothbrush or cotton swab, take away battery leakage from contacts. Make certain the digital machine is totally dry earlier than making an attempt a brand new battery.

To clear any leakage of the next battery sorts, Alkaline, NiCAD and NiMH batteries, use both one tablespoon of boric acid in a single gallon of water or a mix of equal quantities of diluted vinegar or lemon juice with water (50/50 ratio).

Although Duracell doesn’t point out it, [RETR-O-MAT] washed with water adopted by an alcohol wash (it is best to use 90% or increased for this). We would have achieved the identical however used deionized water, if we had any or perhaps distilled water.

Turns out the video is barely half 1 as a result of he hasn’t achieved the PCB rework of changing sockets and the like but. However, not less than he’s stopped a lot of the injury from persevering with and we received a great look inside a really clear Amiga 2000.

We should tip our hats on the Amiga designers and fabricators. These little bins have had quite the service life. We suppose that’s why folks are still building new cards for them.z

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