Alien shockproof: UFO hunter spots 900-feet alien spacecraft close to International Space Station

A brand new video uploaded on YouTube by a person named ‘kingwilly200’ is now making rounds amongst UFO buffs and alien lovers. The video exhibits a triangular UFO blinking close to the International Space Station (ISS) earlier than disappearing into the darkish.

At the start of the video, a small twinkling gentle seems, and later it turns into clear revealing that it’s a giant spacecraft of a battleship’s measurement.

As the video of the weird sighting went viral on on-line, legendary UFO hunter Scott C. Waring too joined the controversy saying that this video is a real proof of alien existence, and revealed that the spacecraft has a diameter of greater than 900 meters.

“This UFO is going to blow your mind! It just shows up as a single glowing orb. Then it divides into about 4-6 flashing orbs! During this time the UFO is revealed partially, meaning it is not 6 UFOs, but one large UFO of about 300 meters diameter. As you can see in the above photo, the UFO has a more TR3B shape….meaning its a triangle! To see the triangle UFO, pause the video at 1:12 to see it,” wrote Waring on his website Ufosightingsdaily.

The UFO hunter additionally instructed that this flying object might be a secret authorities ship made with alien know-how.

“The TR3B UFO is known as an alien craft that the USAF has modified to be flown by humans. This appears to be one of those top secret government ships. Such a craft has the capability to fly from Earth to the moon in under a minute. It is not light speed, but it’s fast,” wrote Waring.

UFO seen from ISS
Representational Image: Videograb of three alleged UFOs seen from ISS (ISS)

However, skeptics usually are not satisfied in regards to the video, they usually declare that the article noticed close to ISS is nothing however mere lens flares. According to them, such sightings occur commonly close to the ISS, and these fixed sightings are primarily resulting from reflections and area junks.

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